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Are you one of the millions of people who have a pool in their backyard? Did you know that the surrounding pool decking is one of the most vital elements of the entire pool system? That means that repairs should be taken care of ASAP, but how?

  • Replacing?
  • Repairing?
  • Resurfacing?
Replacing concrete costs a fortune and can be dangerous to the pool itself. But, with our pool deck resurfacing, you can get the new finish you desperately crave while repairing your concrete at the same time! Ready to learn more about our amazing money saving resurfacing services? We insist you continue reading!

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What We Have To Offer

The Best Of The Best

With so many different options to choose from, it can be pretty hard finding what exactly you need or want your pool deck to look like. Below we have tried making it easier on you by outlining our most popular materials and describing what they can bring to your backyard!
concrete pool deck

Concrete Overlay

Perhaps one of the most exotic and durable finishes we offer is the amazing concrete overlay pool decking. This form of concrete pool decking is a marvelous coating that can bring both depth and strength to your backyard. Heres what else it can do:

  • Slip/Skid Resistance
  • Natural Stone Appearance
  • UV Protected With Sealers
stained concrete pool deck

Concrete Stains

A stained concrete surface is both as a concrete overlay and not like a concrete overlay at the same time. A stained concrete finish won’t add the same level of durability as an overlay, but you can still achieve the depth and appearances with a stain:

  • Affordable
  • Rapidly Installed
  • Long Lasting Finish
stamped concrete pool deck

Stamped Overlays

A stamped concrete overlay is the best of the best if you are looking for realism in your backyard. They can even be stained to make their effects look even more realistic. You can finally have the exotic appeal of the following materials with the strength of concrete!

  • Pavers
  • Flagstone
  • Natural Stone
pavers over concrete pool deck


Pavers have been used for decades for pool decking and they can now even be placed right over your existing concrete with little to no hassle at all. Pavers are a great option for pool deck resurfacing for many reasons including:

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Repaired With Ease
  • Resist All Harsh Chemicals In Your Pool
concrete pool deck paint

Spray Decking

Spray decking is one of the most popular and dependable pool deck coatings for as long as pools have been in the residential environment. Not only for its dependability but also for its readily available materials and ease of installation. Not to mention:

  • Superior Heat Resistance
  • Wide Range Of Paint Colors
  • Excellent Traction When Wet
concrete pool deck resurfacing

Pebbled Epoxy

Pebbled epoxy is the newest material that we use for pool deck resurfacing but don’t let that sway you! This modern epoxy has the ability to be placed poolside as it has one the texture of a gravel beach making sure that you never slip or fall, even when wet:

  • Unmatched Durability
  • Long Lifetime
  • Chemically Resistant
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Is It Too Late To Resurface?

When Is The Best Time?

One of the most asked questions we get from our clients is when is it time to resurface your pool deck. Sadly, there is a limit to what we are able to bring back to life and there are some things to look out for. Before calling, make sure your pool deck has none of the following:

  • Major/Large Cracks
  • Sagging/Structural Damage
  • Sections Missing
This is why we will always urge all of our clients to catch damage when it is in its begging stages as our pool deck resurfacing services can only do so much! Give us a call today and we can get a contractor out to you for a free quote!
concrete pool deck resurfacing
Pool Deck
Are you tired of other companies in Missouri trying to take advantage of you with prices that are too high paired with an unprofessional approach? Then you have found the company that will treat you like a neighbor should! We offer all of our clients ultra-low prices and even offer our new clients free quotes so call today!
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A Dream Come True

The Affordable Way To Have The Backyard Of Your Dreams

cool deck for pools
As you have seen above, you have the world of design at your fingertips when you choose to resurface your concrete pool deck. But did you know that there are ways that all of our coatings can be customized in the same ways? We know that everyone has different tastes and different ways to express themselves, that’s why we will never limit what you can do in YOUR backyard. You can do anything you want including:

  • Use Multiple Coatings
  • A Wide Selection Of Colors
  • High Or Low Gloss Sealers
Our team will never try to put a cap on what you can achieve, so get planning!

You Can Trust Us!

Professionalism That Shows

concrete pool deck repair
Your home is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make in your lifetime and for some people, it is the biggest investment, so wouldn’t it make sense to keep it in the best condition possible?
All of our concrete pool deck materials offer the ability to make your concrete last longer which can keep the costly removal and replacement of your concrete out of view for a long time. Our pool deck resurfacing service can help in many ways including:

  • Increase The Value Of Your Home
  • Make Your Home Desireable
  • Help Your Home Pass Inspection