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    Epoxy floor coating

    Epoxy Floor Coating

    It is safe, the benefits are amazing, and epoxy lasts for decades!

    Many people wonder whether epoxy floors are safe in many different ways, for example, customers want to know if the fumes and chemicals produced by epoxy coatings while being installed are toxic and whether or not these floors are safe when wet. The answer is yes, epoxy floors are highly safe in both circumstances. The fumes are not toxic and are in fact safe for animals and children once the coating has dried. Just like paint from any local shop, epoxy must dry before it is used and should not be directly inhaled.
    Epoxy floor coatings offer families and business owners longevity and durability and rates starting between $3-12$ per square foot. So, not only are epoxy floors going to last for many years, but they will not cost much to do so. With the ability to resist many forms of damages, epoxy floors are the best way to go.
    Due to the chemical reaction between an epoxy mixture, the surface is essentially resistant to every common and uncommon form of damages like scratches, impact, chemical, or stains. Whether you’re looking for an epoxy coating for your garage, kitchen, business, basement, studio, etc.…. the floors will last for decades.

    What are our services?

    A flooring solution that will last.

    Our Springfield team knows epoxy and we want to show you how easy, affordable, and versatile an epoxy floor truly is. With many different benefits ranging from aesthetics to durability, an epoxy floor is the best way to go when choosing your new floors. No matter what, our epoxy floor coatings will not fail.
    Epoxy Flooring
    Epoxy Flooring
    With an epoxy floor coating installation, your concrete floors become highly durable and resistant to common issues like water and staining. Other floors need constant repairs that add up to be very expensive so many home and business owners have switched over to our epoxy flooring installations because of its durability. Our epoxy will correct and prevent damages that occur on concrete floors that are not properly sealed and protected.
    Garage floor epoxy
    Garage Floor Epoxy
    Garage floors can be filthy places, especially if your floors hold onto grime, grease, and oils from your vehicles. Our epoxy garage floor coatings keep all vehicle fluids on the surface making them easy to clean, while simultaneously being slip-resistant. So why should you use epoxy on your garage floor? The thicker coating helps disguise minor imperfections and creates an easily maintained surface.
    Epoxy basement floor
    Epoxy Basement Flooring
    If you’re considering other flooring options for your basement like carpet or wood, also consider epoxy coatings. A professionally installed epoxy floor is strong, durable, and water-proof, all the elements a basement needs in a floor. Because your basement is below ground it is subject to more extreme temperature changes, an epoxy floor coating resists all damage naturally brought on by the changing elements.
    Metallic Epoxy Flooring
    Metallic epoxy floors are the most durable epoxy options available and they are the most unique. These floors create 3D illusions on your once ordinary floor, creating an exciting environment for any part of your property: basement, garage, kitchen, living space, lobby, showroom, etc.…. These floors have a high shine that makes them appear to be slippery and delicate, but both could not be further from the truth.
    Commercial epoxy flooring
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring
    An epoxy floor coating is quickly and easily installed when the work is done by a professional. We know that your business cannot shut down for too long because of the financial backlash that it may cause, and we don’t want that. Luckily, our epoxy floor installers will not take up more than 72 hours of your time and sometimes, even less. It is important to properly install an epoxy floor coating, but we will not take up more of your precious time than is absolutely necessary.
    Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating
    Industrial Epoxy Flooring
    Industrial properties need a floor that will resist even the most unlikely of situations and an epoxy floor is just the one. For example, the thickness of an epoxy coating is extremely important in an industrial area because of the potential chemical spills, machinery weight, and foot-traffic. Thickness can range from .2 mils to 250 mils and our professionals can tell you the one you need. Epoxy flooring protects these types of areas from moisture damage, staining, grease, and cracks.
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    We have developed industrial epoxy flooring systems for a wide range of industrial applications in Springfield, MO
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    Springfield Epoxy Flooring

    Why choose an epoxy coating?

    Our technicians believe that everyone deserves a strong and long-lasting floor. As professionals with decades of experience, we know what an epoxy coating can do for you. So, why an epoxy floor? Other than the incredible affordability, an epoxy coating is a mixture of resin and hardeners that chemically cure with a concrete slab creating a plastic-like layer between the concrete and the outside world. Why is that important to you? Because without proper coating a concrete floor would damage, crack, and fall apart very quickly.
    Commercial, residential, and industrial properties have all benefited from our expertise and knowledge on epoxy flooring. We love what we do, and we want you to love it as well. An epoxy floor is the best solution for any space, home, or property. This easily maintained flooring solution can be cleaned and kept clean without any hassle keeping you and your budget very happy.
    Durable Flooring Solutions
    That Last For Decades
    We offer unlimited ways to customize your commercial and industrial epoxy floors with your choice of colors, patterns, and effects.
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    Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in Springfield

    Is epoxy flooring a wise investment?

    Homeowners, business owners, and property owners alike are migrating over to epoxy floors because of their incredible benefits starting with their price and ending with the insane increase in property value the floors offer. Whatever or wherever, an epoxy floor is the right choice for you because:
    Epoxy flooring companies
    • Seamless: a smooth surface is easily cleaned and easily maintained. Our epoxy coatings can be quickly swept or mopped to clear it of any dust, debris, grime, oil, grease, or dirt. Their easily maintainable quality is a large reason why many food processing plants and commercial kitchens install epoxy floors.
    • Hard wearing and durable: a surface that does not crack or scratch easily is not common.
    • Epoxy floor coatings are high-performance floors offered at highly affordable rates.
    • Attractiveness: With many different colors, patterns, designs, and textures, an epoxy floor can be installed to mimic other floors as well as simply be a different color. Whatever you have in mind, our epoxy floors can bring to life.
    • Resistant: chemical, water, moisture, bacteria, scratch, crack, stain, and oil-resistant. How many floors can list that?
    • Versatile: epoxy floors are used in kitchens, business buildings, restrooms, schools, gyms, offices, showrooms, warehouses, packing plants, garages, and basements.

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      Why Choose Us?
      As professionals working in Springfield and the surrounding areas, we are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Our team is nothing less than the best and our final products do all of the talking for us. For low prices, we offer high performing epoxy floors to all of our commercial and residential customers. But why are we the best?
      Our pride
      What does this mean to our team? Competence and skill in the field we work in on a daily basis. We believe in not only finishing everything we start but completing it with nothing but 100% perfection. Our work speaks for itself; we want to help make your dream floors a reality.
      Customer Service
      Our pride only goes so far as our customer service because if you’re not happy we aren’t either. You are our main priority, so we take the installment of your floors very seriously. Our team is here to service your needs and handle any of your concerns as quickly as possible.
      Knowledge and Licensure
      It cannot be stressed enough, do not trust just anyone with your floors. Our technicians are licensed professionals who have seen it all. Your floors are unique because they are yours, but we know just what to do when the time comes. Poorly installed floors can cost thousands to repair or replace, so call us the first time.

      Even though we focus on epoxy flooring in Missouri, if you’re in New York, we highly recommend Epoxy Elite Floors. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the industry.