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10 29, 2020

Ways that You Can Protect Your Garage Epoxy and Extend its Lifespan


Ways that You Can Protect Your Garage Epoxy and Extend its Lifespan Many people who install epoxy flooring in their garage will tell you that there are certain procedures that you need to follow to extend the lifespan of your epoxy flooring. This is not because the epoxy product is defective, but rather an indication that there are many factors contributing to natural erosion and decay. Epoxy overlays are pivotal in protecting the concrete floor in your garage from moisture, heat, oils, and harmful chemicals. Utilize Safe Cleaning Products You will get the most out of your epoxy flooring if you use the right cleaning products. We recommend using diluted ammonia or cleaners such as Windex that are also mixed [...]

Ways that You Can Protect Your Garage Epoxy and Extend its Lifespan2020-12-08T06:19:03+00:00
09 1, 2019

Pool Resurfacing Ideas


Pool Deck Resurfacing Ideas There comes a time that a pool requires a renovation or resurfacing, just like any other part of your home. Your pool is a large investment, and it receives a significant amount of wear and tear, not only from regular use but also due to exposure to sun, chemicals, and extreme hot or cold temperatures. You may be looking at your pool interior resurfacing options, and here are some things to consider. Vinyl A vinyl pool liner is a custom cut and installed piece of vinyl installed between the water and the pool floor. Underneath the liner is typically sand or cement where the vinyl is fitted into place. Vinyl liners are low in initial costs but can [...]

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08 30, 2019

Learn How to Create Stunning Metallic Epoxy Floors


Learn How to Create Stunning Metallic Epoxy Floors The manipulation of pigments inside a metallic epoxy mixture is how the beautiful colors pop and shine through to create an unmistakable epoxy metallic floor. When the installation is done correctly, the appearance is 3D and truly seamless. These floors offer a beauty that can never be mimicked or redone, which is why it is important to remember that each metallic flooring installation will never be the same. Metallic epoxy floors offer residential and commercial owners an exotic or elegant appearance and they can be installed anywhere they are desired. The two sides of a metallic epoxy floor are cosmetics and the technicalities of the floors, meaning, epoxy metallic floors look incredible. These floors are high-gloss, 3D, [...]

Learn How to Create Stunning Metallic Epoxy Floors2020-12-08T06:00:12+00:00
08 26, 2019

Using Decorative Concrete to Increase Appeal of Interior Floors


Using Decorative Concrete to Increase Appeal of Interior Floors Concrete floors do not have to be drab and dull. When it comes to decorative concrete flooring choices, the sky is the limit. You may have seen decorative concrete flooring in a friend or neighbor’s home and been wowed by the designer look. You may not have even realized that the flooring that you admire is in fact a beautifully finished concrete floor. Decorative concrete flooring can look as good as, if not better than tile or marble floors for a fraction of the cost. There are many reasons to choose decorative concrete as an option in your home. Custom Designer Looks One of the biggest reasons that decorative concrete floors are sought after [...]

Using Decorative Concrete to Increase Appeal of Interior Floors2019-08-28T03:39:23+00:00
08 24, 2019

7 Qualities of Decorative Concrete That Can Transform Your Dull Floors


7 Qualities of Decorative Concrete That Can Transform Your Dull Floors When someone is choosing decorative concrete flooring, whether you’re looking for interior or exterior, there are some qualities that we’re all looking for or qualities we should be looking for. The process of installing a decorative concrete surface is to improve the look and feel of a new or existing concrete slab. All styles, designs, and installations depend on what you’re looking for or hoping to achieve with this new installation. The limits do not exist when it comes to your new floors! You should be looking for the following qualities: Flexibility Whether you want a new floor look for your indoor or outdoor area, it is important to have a [...]

7 Qualities of Decorative Concrete That Can Transform Your Dull Floors2019-08-28T03:59:18+00:00
08 22, 2019

Must Haves for Millennial Homebuyers


Must Haves for Millennial Homebuyers Technology has made house buying for millennials much easier and much more style and lifestyle-oriented than previous generations. This generation is tuned into the current housing market rates, housing trends, and lifestyle wants and needs, so they are looking for specific details in their homes and their homes. Millennials are a generation of informed consumers that value their lifestyle and location more than space and traditional homes. The top 5 must-haves for millennial homebuyers are: Appliances Even if the kitchen is small, it must have new and trendy appliances. Millennials are the generation of health, wellness, and sustainability, so they want appliances that aid their lifestyles like juicers, blenders, and cooking appliances. Millennials are also the generation [...]

Must Haves for Millennial Homebuyers2019-08-28T04:09:47+00:00
08 21, 2019

How to Epoxy Coat a Garage Floor


How to Epoxy Coat a Garage Floor Choosing to learn the basics of how to apply an epoxy garage floor coating can be extremely beneficial! Below we are going to cover the general steps of a multiple coat flooring system that consists of a primer coat, 100% epoxy, and a clear topcoat. Take each step as an individual task and do not attempt to read the entire process as just one because it can seem a little bit overwhelming at first. We do recommend that no less than two people work on applying an epoxy product if you are not an experienced installer. The extra hands can help reduce the margin of error and make the entire process move much more quickly. Preparing the [...]

How to Epoxy Coat a Garage Floor2019-08-28T04:26:16+00:00