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We lead the industry in safe, efficient, and functional epoxy flooring for industrial and institutional spaces. You’ll find our product and installations in warehouses, industrial complexes, and institutions throughout the state.
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Advantages of Epoxy Flooring for Institutional Spaces

When tasked with managing a large facility, we understand it’s crucial to have building features helping, not hindering, the function of a business. There are several advantages when choosing epoxy for your facility flooring. Keep reading to learn more.
Industrial Epoxy Flooring Missouri

Safety + Function

From hospital complexes to fast-paced government facilities, most organizations are guided by safety standards. These standards make the difference between thriving or surviving in business. Epoxy flooring meets the needs of businesses that need flooring that is better underfoot, prevents slip and fall incidents, is water wicking, and stands up to chemical-filled environments. We develop and install floors that have texture and grip, tough resins, and other features to keep you in compliance and your staff safer. Epoxy is also fire-resistant and will help prevent the spreading of fire from room to room via your flooring surfaces. There is peace of mind knowing that a business is taking care of people first, through the smallest details like what they walk on all day.

  • Nonporous Material
  • Water + Chemical Wicking
  • Fire-Resistant
industrial epoxy floor coating

Durability + Performance

One of the most appreciated features of epoxy flooring for institutions is how well it stands up to the daily grind of moving people and equipment. There is a reason you see this flooring in airplane hangers and automotive plants. It’s designed to take the drops, machinery, and daily foot traffic that typically wares flooring out quickly. Since epoxy combines compounds that bond together to create an inflexible, and tough surface, businesses can keep moving forward without the constant concern of repairs and replacements. The nonporous material will also keep chemical agents from breaking down your flooring. Given it is a naturally antimicrobial material, it leaves little room for germs, viruses, or bacteria to flourish. Business owners are thrilled that this flooring will take a beating daily, and still not show signs of deterioration.

  • Stands up to drops, spills, and more
  • Combats heavy machinery movements
  • Prevents chemical breakdown
industrial grade epoxy floor coating

Value + Longevity

When pricing out flooring options, the sticker shock sets in pretty quickly. Add installation costs, and you’ll quickly see that number double in price. Good flooring has a price, just like good labor, but there is no reason why flooring can’t be on budget and perform better. Institutional epoxy flooring will not only be more affordable than other options you price out, but it will also hold its value longer. Since the material is built to take abuse from punishing environments, the result is your dollar goes further. You’ll no longer be subject to costly repairs or replacements that disrupt your bottom line and productivity. It’s worth mentioning when industrial epoxy is installed; your business will not be shut down for prolonged lengths of time. This is ideal for busy companies that need less downtime to keep up with customer demand.

  • More affordable than other materials
  • Value-added longevity
  • Fewer repair and replacement costs
industrial epoxy floor coating contractors

Customization + Aesthetic

Epoxy has come a long way from the basic color pallets when it was first brought to the market. Today, businesses have tons of options to choose from including their own branding colors. We will customize that, right along with the texture and thickness of your flooring. In today’s business environment, aesthetics are important to help tell the story of your brand or organization. Details like your flooring and other hard surfaces are an opportunity to communicate more about your company. Through patterns, logos, and color your flooring can create a professional vibe about your business right when people walk in the door. Use color to guide people to other parts of the complex or the right elevators. Use shapes for zoning your facility and move people to the right areas of the complex. And, use patterns and logos to remind people of who you are and how seriously you take their visit to your organization.

  • Customize colors and textures
  • Use customization to communicate
  • Set the tone of your professional space
industrial epoxy floor covering

Go Eco-Friendly

Another feature you may not have considered in your flooring searches is how eco-friendly Epoxy is. In the raw form (unmixed) epoxy is non-toxic. When mixed, we will vent and move people from the area to install the flooring for the fumes involved over an abundance of safety. After the flooring cures, the floor is once again non-toxic. No recurring glue toxins permeating the air. No chemically-laced cleaners needed to clean them, just a hard surface that won’t absorb and release anything harmful to you, your employees, or the environment. As we move to the future of better building and construction materials, we will see more epoxy coatings making their way into businesses. Be on the front-end of that now and start your industrial epoxy projects with us today.

  • Less toxic to humans
  • Better for the environment
  • Forward-thinking material
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Installation of Epoxy Flooring

Fewer Disruptions to Your Organization

If you have looked into floor installations, you might be thrilled to learn that epoxy flooring takes very little time to build out. In fact, many other materials can put your business at risk of being closed for weeks, just to get the flooring replaced. The process of epoxy is simple. We combine compounds to create an epoxy mixture. The trick is how we lay the floors and how complex your particular flooring needs to be. The larger the project, the longer it will take, but it’s likely a fraction of time in comparison to other options.

After we reach the end of your project, within 72 hours your floors will be ready to be used. You can even move in heavy equipment or machinery without worry about damaging the floor. Keep in mind, the same goes for when you need a repair done to the floor. We can likely do those even faster.

floor epoxy industrial
Industrial Epoxy
We welcome all of your questions and are happy to walk you through our process. We know, if you’re new to this flooring style, you may need some direction or suggestions. We are here to make sure you get what you need depending on your priorities and business model.
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Superior Materials

A Factor That Matters

industrial epoxy flooring systems

Over the years, we have taken our time in learning about our manufacturers and their products. This can be a painstaking process, but we knew it would be worth it. We have built exceptional relationships with our manufacturers, who can also give us the best pricing. That savings is then passed on to you, our valued customer.

Not all materials are built alike. While some are cheaper, they are not high quality enough or worth your money in the end. We choose top product partners so your floors last and perform, which saves you money in the long run.

Superior People

The Engine in Our Company

epoxy floor coatings industrial

From the top down in our company, our people are what make us successful. Our owners are always seeking the best product and service protocols. Our management is responsive to both clients and staff. Our crews are filled with the best talent, so you get exactly what you need from your project. All of these details are the reason we are a leader in Institutional epoxy flooring in Missouri.

We are a licensed business that exemplifies our professionalism. We are also insured to give clients peace of mind about who they have hired for their jobs. We move the extra mile to do things by the book, all while adhering to your protocols or policies while on property.