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If your home has a garage, you know how dimly lit, dirty, or just plain ugly of an area it can be. Don’t worry, we finally have the solution to this problem for our neighbors in Missouri! Our team can bring one our amazing garage floor coating to you with:

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Types And Benefits Of Our Garage Floor Coatings

What Our Coatings Can Bring To Your Home

It doesn’t matter what type of garage floor coating you choose for your home, they are all jam-packed full of wonderful benefits. Some coatings may be better for some areas so keep an eye out for what you may need! Below we have outlined our most popular coatings and what they can do for you!
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Garage Floor Epoxy

Garage floor epoxy is by far our best and most popular garage floor coating that we offer. This is because of the high amount of abuse that the epoxy garage floor can be subjected to without showing signs of damage. A garage floor epoxy is:

  • Stain Resistant
  • Water/Fire Proof
  • Easily Maintained
Garage Floor Coating

Unmatched Durability

A benefit that is exclusive to our garage toppings like concrete resurfacing and epoxy flooring is the high level of durability.
With these garage floor coatings, your concrete can have the chance to be up to 300 percent stronger and last an average of 2-3 times longer. The garage is a vital part of any home and our coatings can keep it protected.
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Concrete Sealing

Love the look of your concrete slab and have minimal damage on your slab? Well with our most affordable garage floor coating, you can have the simplistic look you love of your concrete but with the protection of one of our high-grade urethane or acrylic sealants.

  • Slip/Skid Resistance
  • Brighter Garage
  • Affordable
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Concrete Stains

Concrete staining is an amazing way to hide all repairs to your concrete slab with a more artistic approach. You can choose between a water-based stain and a solvent based stain, solvents being more solid and water looking more like a natural stone finish.

  • High Curb Appeal
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low-End Durability
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Supreme Chemical Resistance

All of our garage floor coatings get one of our award-winning sealants that will keep your coating protected from most hazards in the garage.
The most notable resistance that our sealants offer is the ability to isolate all chemicals on the surface of the coatings, making it very easy to clean up and dispose of. This also keeps harsh chemicals out of the environment!
epoxy garage floor coating

Concrete Resurfacing

Are you in desperate need of concrete repair but you don’t want all those unsightly repairs to be visible? Don’t worry you aren’t alone! We offer our services to resurface concrete slabs to their former glory without having to replace your entire concrete slab! Concrete resurfacing can

  • Make Concrete Uniform
  • Repair Cracks/Gouges
  • Remove All Stains
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Unlimited Customization

Your Imagination Is The Limit

The best part about choosing any of our amazing garage floor coatings is that you get to customize them any way you want! While some coatings offer more customizability than others, you get to play a huge role in the design of your new garage floor! While an epoxy garage floor coating is the most customizable, that doesn’t mean that you are left out on the other coatings! With an epoxy garage floor coating you can decide to place:

  • Flakes
  • Metallic Pigments
  • Logos
Right into your garage floor! With any of our other coatings, you get to decide:

  • Base Colors
  • Sealant Sheens
  • Intricate Designs
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Garage Floor
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Protect Your Investment!

The Only Way

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Your home is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make in your lifetime and for some people, it is the biggest investment, so wouldn’t it make sense to keep it in the best condition possible? All of our garage floor coatings offer the ability to make your concrete last longer which can keep the costly removal and replacement of your concrete out of view for a long time. A garage floor coating can help in many ways including:

  • Increase The Value Of Your Home
  • Make Your Home Desireable
  • Help Your Home Pass Inspection

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Professionalism That Shows

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Now that you know all about our amazing products, let us tell you a little about our company! We are a local business that was built from the ground up in Missouri, so we want to bring the best possible finishes to all of our neighbors in Missouri! We can offer better rates than anyone in the business along with our team of contractors and installers decades of combined experience, you can’t get this experience anywhere else! Stop looking for a company that just wants to make money off of you, we offer:

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