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Benefits of Epoxy in Hospital Environments

You’re tasked with keeping your hospital, medical office, or institutional facilities safe and functional. As professional epoxy flooring installers, we are ready to help you do that with the best service and product in Missouri. Here are some of the benefits of this coating you might not know yet.
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Our product is sourced and manufactured to be an affordable option for those with strict operating or building management budgets. The raw materials have been around for long enough to be produced at high levels, without passing those costs on to customers. We work with you on your onsite priorities; so we can make the most of your budget. As you shop for materials for your floors, tables, and other surfaces you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more affordable option. The labor costs involved are also minimal in comparison to other floorings that take weeks to complete. Couple that with epoxy’s longevity, and it’s a winning option for medical facilities.

  • On Budget Product
  • Ease in Product Sourcing
  • Fewer labor costs
commercial epoxy floor coating


We won’t bore you with the chemistry class here but, this is a snapshot of why epoxy is so durable. The compounds involved are simple and safe when unmixed. When they are combined with resins, the compounds work together to create a nonporous, hardened material, that is nearly indestructible. These resins are so tough, that they can withstand the heavy equipment and non-stop foot traffic that hospitals are notorious for. This is a value-add for building management teams who will spend less time repairing and replacing flooring and can now tend to more demanding projects instead.

  • Made From Tough Compounds and Resins
  • Nonporous Material Ideal For the Medical Field
  • Stands Up To Medical Equipment
  • Frees Up Building Maintenance Staff
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Hospitals can benefit greatly from the customization options of epoxy. Imagine telling visitors to follow the green arrows to get them to the right elevators, or the red boxes that will take them to the ICU. Epoxy is now, not just a great flooring material, but also a communication tool. You will have the ability to customize your facility’s zones and also use other things like patterns to brand your business. Even better, we can add various textures and non-slip silica to ensure your staff and visitors have a safe working or walking environment. This is crucial for large facilities that have all kinds of people moving within them, some of which may be physically challenged as they are recovering.

  • Color, Texture, Pattern Customizing
  • Epoxy as a Communication Tool
  • Safer Option for Various People at Your Facility
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Hospital-grade epoxy flooring is constructed to outlast any of its comparison materials. It will do so without the often accepted deterioration or poor-aesthetic of other materials. This is a driving force to the value of epoxy floor coatings for medical environments. The money spent on these floors long-outlasts competitor flooring since repairs and replacement are minimal. What would it be like to not have to give your facility flooring a second thought for the next several years?

  • Superior Wear and Durability
  • Better Value
  • Outlasts Many Comparison Flooring Options
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One of the main concerns of our medical clients is how safe their flooring needs to be for compliance and regulation. These floors meet those expectations with ease. They are safer to walk on and can be constructed to prevent slip and fall incidents. They are also fire-resistant which can be a life-saving factor in a facility that is tough to evacuate. Epoxy flooring and epoxy surfaces are also antimicrobial. We understand medical facilities must be bacteria and virus free and well as easy to clean. All of these factors make a great case for the function of your medical facility.

  • Compliance Aligned Material
  • Slip- Resistant Coatings
  • Fire-Resistant Product
  • Antimicrobial Properties
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Epoxy in the Medical Field

Ideal Material in These Environments

Now that you know the benefits of this material for medical facilities, let’s take a look at it in action. Sometimes it’s hard to know where and how epoxy coatings can be used to transform your business beyond the obvious “new floor.”

We have installed eye-popping lobby flooring to help patients and staff get an immediate feeling about the professionalism of the facility. If you take this much care of your lobby, chances are you take great care of the people within the structure.
We have also worked with staff to use flooring as a communication tool. It’s always easier to tell visitors to follow arrows, or colors to help them get to the right area of the complex.

In surgical centers, we take into consideration how long staff will be on their feet and how sterile the environment must remain. With epoxy’s performance and nonporous attributes, this is a win-win for your facility.
Finally, we have created special mixes/treatments for medical facilities that need gripping floors that help staff travel confidently on foot from point to point within the facility.
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Medical Epoxy Flooring
We see epoxy in use every day, and we are still amazed at how well it wears, and it’s strength. In the medical space, clients are vocal about its longevity and its overall value for their facilities. Not only are they pleased with the product, but they are equally appreciative of how easy it is to maintain or manage.
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One of the main reasons why our company is successful is because of who we hire and choose to work with. We train those who have a desire to be expert installers and customer care representatives. We also choose how to keep our staff happy and well informed so they can take care of our clients with a complete understanding of what we do. Our tradespeople are experts in various fields and know how to troubleshoot just about anything that comes their way.

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We serve Missouri businesses with a level of commitment to quality and service that others cannot compete with. We are licensed and insured to give our clients confidence about our professionalism and quality of work. After years of learning about our product, clients, and manufacturers, we can guide you in your epoxy flooring journey. Message us today to get started, and let’s make your facility safe and more productive.