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We know how tough the environment can be in commercial facilities, so we know that you need a tough flooring that can stand up to these conditions. With our commercial epoxy flooring in Missouri, you can have just that! When you use our commercial epoxy services you have the opportunity to have the following:
One Year Warranty
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About Our Commercial Epoxy Flooring

All You Need To Know!

here is so much to love about all of our commercial epoxy floor coatings that we have enough material to fill entire books! But we want to save you some time so we have outlined only the most popular benefits of our commercial epoxy systems down below for your viewing convenience!
commercial epoxy flooring Missouri

USDA Approved

One of the unique advantages of our commercial epoxy systems is the fact that they have been approved for use in sensitive areas by the USDA. That means that a commercial epoxy floor coating is:

  • A Super Hygenic Flooring
  • Easily Disinfected
  • Resistant To Scratches And Abrasions
commercial concrete epoxy

Fast Installation

We know that time is money in your commercial facility, so we won’t waste your time with flooring that can take weeks to install. our commercial epoxy floor systems can be quickly installed whether your facility stays open or not. We can work in sections or we can even use our rapid set epoxy that can be ready for foot traffic in as little as one hour!
commercial concrete floor epoxy

Easy Maintenance

Tired of wasting hours maintaining your old and outdated flooring system? Well, we can make the maintenance process go by much faster when you use one of our epoxy floors! This is because:

  • No Waxes/polishes
  • Broom and Mop
  • Can Be Hosed Off!
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Ultra Durable

Commercial facilities offer little to no break from its harsh work regiments so flooring in your facility is constantly being bombarded with things that could possibly cause damage. With a commercial epoxy in place, your flooring can have:

  • Increased Weight Tolerance
  • Resistance To Daily Wear
  • Protection From Dropped Objects
commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

Slip And Skid Resistant

One of the biggest problems that facilities across the country are facing is when a basic flooring gets soiled or wet, they become extremely slippery, but not when you choose one of our commercial epoxies! We have a special additive that can be placed into the epoxies top coat that looks like sand to add traction to the floor, even when wet.
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Chemical Resistant

Almost every commercial facility has its fair share in handling harsh chemical agents or even manufacturing or using these chemicals on a daily basis. Concrete flooring won’t cut it, but our commercial epoxy floor coating will!

  • Isolate All Chemicals On The Surface
  • “Green” Flooring
  • Easy Cleanup And Disposal.
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Commercial Garage Floor Epoxy

The Best Coating For Your Garage.

If you own a commercial garage, you know how dirty or easily damaged your flooring can become. We are now offering our neighbors in Missouri our amazing commercial garage floor epoxy that can both stand the test of time and provide a strong surface to get your work done. You can even gain the amazing ability to keep all chemicals and moisture on top of your flooring, far away from the absorbent concrete slab.
We take so much pride in our commercial garage floor epoxy that we are even offering a one-year limited warranty to show you how much we trust our work, and why you can trust it too! Think its time to invest in a crucial part of your business? Give us a call today for a free quote!
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Commercial Epoxy Floor
If you’re tired of getting the runaround from the guys trying to sell you a subpar flooring system, we can finally offer you some relief! If you give us a call today, we are offering free, no-obligation quotes to our neighbors in Missouri, so don’t miss out!
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Where Can Commercial Epoxy Be Used?

Flooring For Any Environment

commercial epoxy
The best part about commercial epoxy is that it can be used wherever you need it! Our flooring systems don’t back down from any challenge and they never disappoint! Since there are so many different types of commercial facilities, we have taken the liberty in going in depth to outline only the most popular types of facilities that commonly use commercial epoxy down below:
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial Garages
  • Medical Facilities
  • Veterinarian Clinics/Offices
  • Grocery Stores

How To Maintain Commercial Epoxy

Fast And Easy

commercial epoxy flooring installers
The maintenance on epoxy flooring is a very fast and simple process that plays a major role in how long your epoxy floor is going to last. To ensure the maximum life of your flooring, high traffic areas should be maintained at least once a day and low traffic areas can be done at least 2 times a week. The process goes as follows:
  • Remove Loose Debris With Soft Bristle Broom
  • Use Standard Wet Mop
  • Allow To Dry