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Is it time for a new garage floor coating or time for your first? Don’t listen to the other guys trying to sell you a subpar flooring option, let us tell you the cold hard facts about our garage floor epoxy systems, it will be a clear choice which is better! When you use us to epoxy your garage floor you can have the following benefits:
Fast and professional installation
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A one year warranty!

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Why Use Garage Floor Epoxy?

The Best Coating For Your Garage

Before our past clients knew about our epoxy garage floor coatings, they were tired of their garage being the drabbest and dimly lit area of their home, so don’t worry you’re not alone if you feel the same way! Below are the top reasons why our clients in Missouri love and use our garage floor coatings!
Garage Floor Epoxy

Increased Durability

One of the most well-known abilities of an epoxy garage floor coating is its ability to add much-needed strength to the concrete slab. Your slab can support the following with epoxy:

  • Added weight allowance
  • Wear and tear resistance
  • Longer lasting concrete
Garage Floor Coating

Superior Resilience

An epoxy garage floor coating has been known to be resilient enough to resist some of the harshest chemicals and environments. Our flooring systems have been known to be resistant to:

  • Harsh chemicals
  • Fire/water
  • Electricity
garage epoxy coating

Unmatched Customization

A benefit of garage epoxy is that it bears no limits in the level of customization that is allowed, You have the following options when it comes to the customization of your garage floor:

  • Metallic pigments
  • Colored flakes
  • Logos and emblems.
garage epoxy coating

“Green” Flooring

We take pride in the fact that our garage epoxy coatings offer the ability to keep your environment safe from whatever you have in the garage. Below is how epoxy keeps our earth protected:

  • No chemicals leaks
  • Low amount of materials used
  • Lasts decades!
best garage floor epoxy coating

Easy Maintenance

All of our clients love how easy it is to maintain their garage epoxy flooring system and there may not even be a need to buy additional cleaning tools. Heres what to love:

  • Optional hose cleaning
  • no waxes/polishes
  • Fast and simple.
garage floor epoxy contractors

Brightens The Area

The most common issue that most homeowners have with their garage is just how dark it is. Heres what an epoxy garage floor can do to help with that.

  • 300% brighter area
  • High-efficiency light reflection
  • Save you money on your power bill
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Is Garage Floor Epoxy Worth It?

Simply Put. Yes.

The popular belief about an epoxy garage floor is that they are one of the most expensive floor coatings available today.
We are happy to say that this is completely false and even happier to say that our prices are on par with other types of traditional flooring. If your concrete is in good condition, we can offer our services to you at as little as 6 dollars a square foot in a 2 car garage!
Once you take into account all of the benefits that you can receive by using an epoxy flooring system, you will find that they are well worth the price. If you’re not convinced, did you know that a garage epoxy can actually increase the value of your home?
garage floor epoxy contractors
Garage Floor Epoxy
Looking to finally transform the way your garage looks and performs? We recommend using our professional assistance so you can get the best product possible. To make the process as easy as possible for you, we are even offering free, no hassle quotes! So if you’re ready to take the leap, give us a call today!
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Is Garage Floor Epoxy Safe?

Protective and Hygenic

garage floor epoxy
For some reason, people across the country have started to believe that epoxy flooring is an unsafe flooring. This myth is completely untrue and unfounded as epoxy can protect you in plenty of ways. All floors are slippery when they are soiled or moist, right? Wrong, well in the case of garage epoxy it’s false.
There is an additive that we can use in the top layer of epoxy that looks like sand or salt. What this additive does is give the floor texture so your shoes can grip the surface, even when it is wet. Epoxy can even keep you safe by isolating all chemicals and germs on its surface, so you can easily spot all spills before any accidents can occur.

When Should You Epoxy

The Time Is Now

epoxy garage floor near me
A question that we commonly receive is,” when is the best time to epoxy my garage floor?” Well, there is no better time than now! While it is preferred that concrete is epoxied 30 days after it is originally poured, there really is no time limit on epoxy. While there is a big restriction on some types of damage, we can usually get your garage floor epoxy project completed in as little as 4 days in a 2 car garage!
The limitations of epoxy flooring usually route from the concrete slab. If your concrete has any type of structural damage such as shifting, sagging or large cracks, we are sorry to inform you that we cannot fix this damage. Concrete with heavy damage needs to be replaced, not repaired.