Have questions about epoxy flooring? Here’s where you can get your answers to the most common questions we hear from clients.

How long can a well installed epoxy flooring system last?
If you are looking to have your epoxy floor coating last as long as possible and perform to its best ability, you need a professional installation. While average joe will his give you a better price, his results will be far away from ours as we use top of the line machinery, the best materials available paired with our decades of experience. When you choose us to install your epoxy floor, you can expect your flooring to last upwards of 20 years in most cases. When the flooring is both well installed and properly maintained, you can expect your flooring to last well over 30 years!
What are the benefits of Garage Epoxy Flooring?
When it comes to the benefits of garage epoxy flooring, you won’t be disappointed as epoxy floor coatings are the top performing flooring option available on the market. Yeah sure, everyone knows that an epoxy floor is the most durable flooring option but did you know that there is so much more it can do? Garage floor epoxycan actually be customized more than any other flooring as it is a liquid before it is installed. Maybe you didn’t know that epoxy flooring is one of the best floorings if you are looking for slip and skid resistance.Garage floor epoxy is even one of the best floorings is you are dealing with chemicals as epoxy can isolate all chemicals on the surface of the flooring for easy cleanup and disposal.
Where can epoxy flooring be applied?
No matter where you need flooring or are planning on placing flooring, epoxy flooring can be applied wherever you need it to be. The highly resilient flooring is one of the top flooring options for both commercial and industrial facilities for its extreme resistance to harsh chemicals and its ability to handle weight and damage. Want the amazing resilience on your driveway, patio or walkways? With the special graveled epoxy, you can have your outdoor concrete protected with one of the toughest outdoor concrete coatings. There are even epoxy coatings that can be used to waterproof your basement while providing a spectacle at the same time!
Why is epoxy flooring better than traditional concrete flooring
One of the most frequently asked questions our team of epoxy flooring contractors receive is the question of traditional concrete flooring or epoxy floor ooatings. Well, it all comes down to what you really need from your flooring. Do you need increased weight capacity or resistance to damage from your flooring? If that’s what you need, you need an epoxy system in place because concrete flooring like polished concrete offers zero weight tolerance or resistance to damage. Does your home or facility often handle harsh chemicals? That means that it is time to have epoxy installed as traditional concrete flooring will allow the chemical to come in contact with the concrete slab, resulting in the chemicals being leaked out into the environment.
How long does it take to install a garage epoxy floor?
The process of installing an epoxy floor coating will seem like a walk in the park compared to the installation processes of other flooring systems. In a two car garage, you can expect us to be out of your hair in as little as 4 days! Remember, after we are gone you need to wait at least 24 hours until the flooring is ready for light foot traffic and wait at least 72 hours before the flooring is ready for vehicle traffic and heavy use. While most of our garage floor epoxy installations go smoothly, there are sometimes factors that can make the process longer than expected. These factors include heavy repairs or even inclement weather.
What are the different types of epoxy flooring?
We take pride in the wide selection of epoxy floorings that we are able to offer our neighbors and hopefully future clients in Missouri. We are only going to touch base with our most popular types of epoxy floor coatings today, but if you don’t see what you are looking for, please check out our main website! The most popular type of epoxy coating system is the garage floor epoxy. Garage floor epoxy is so popular for its ability to resist stains, chemicals, and even damage. Need new basement flooring but feel restricted because of the damp environment? With basement epoxy, you can have a dazzling and durable flooring system where you never thought possible, we can even use our epoxy to appear as it is rustic wood! We are now offering our outdoor gravel epoxy as well. With our graveled epoxy, you can have the benefit of epoxy outdoors on your driveways, walkways, and patios!
Are epoxy floors slippery?
Plenty of people only look at an epoxy floor system an automatically begin to think that it is slippery. This is because epoxy flooring has a smooth, shiny, and seamless finish that looks well, slippery. This is not the case at all though as epoxy is actually on the most slip and skid resistance flooring systems that are on the market today. Need even more slip resistance? We can offer you our special additive that looks like salt or sand that is placed directly into the top coat of epoxy to give the flooring texture that can provide traction, even when the flooring is damp or soiled!
What is the maintenance like for an epoxy floor?
All of our clients that have epoxy floorings in place love how easy it is to keep their floorings clean and well maintained. A key reason why the maintenance on epoxy is so simple is because there is no waxes or polishes required to keep your epoxy floor shiny! You probably already have all you need to maintain your floor. All you need is a soft bristle broom or a dust mop to remove all dirt and other particles from the floor. After the floor is clean of foreign objects, you just need to give it a wipe down with a standard mop. If you have a garage floor epoxy or even some commercial epoxies you can use a standard hose to wash your epoxy!
Are epoxy floors good for commercial settings?
Eopxy flooring is one of the top flooring systems for use in commercial settings for many great reasons. Did you know that epoxy is one of the few flooring systems to be approved for use in sensitive facilities; facilities that handle foods and beverages or medical facilities? This is because an epoxy floor has a seamless and smooth finish so loose debris or germs can’t hide away and reproduce. Epoxy can even be customized to make commercial facilities more efficient. To do this, epoxy is installed with stencils that can be used to create barrier, walkways and even text directly under the top coat of epoxy so it can be seen no matter the circumstances.
Are epoxy floors good for residential settings?
While epoxy flooring is mostly used in the residential setting as a garage floor epoxy, slowly but surely epoxy is being brought inside the homes living area. This is mostly because of the sudden surge in popularity of metallic epoxy that provides a super modern and sophisticated appearance. An epoxy floor is even used in the basement as a type of epoxy known as basement epoxy floor coatings that can bring that lovely appearance down to the basement. Need an outdoor concrete coating? We are finally offering our graveled epoxy for driveways, walkways and even patios!