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If you’re looking for the most qualified concrete polishing company in Missouri and the surrounding areas, you have come to the right place. With decades of combined experience our team provides a space that is:

  • Approachable
  • Knowledgeable
  • Affordable
  • Flexible
  • Licensed
More and more people, both commercial and residential owners, have flocked to the polished floor’s design because of the quick, efficient, and affordable qualities the floors have. Our polished concrete floors are the best in the business, give us a call to find out how.

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Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

There is so much more than meets the eye

The versatility, flexibility, and durability of a concrete polished floor are undeniable. Our superior materials for polishing concrete floors benefit residential and commercial floors alike with different benefits appealing to both.
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Are Polished Concrete Floors Durable?

Our polishing materials create strong and durable floors that have a reputation for lasting much longer than other floorings. Polished concrete floors can withstand:

  • Scratches
  • High and heavy foot traffic
  • Heavy loads and machinery
  • Impact
  • Spills
It is important to perform routine maintenance on any floors to help elongate their lifespan, but polished concrete floors have a reputation for their durability.
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Are Polished Concrete Floors Affordable?

Compared to more traditional flooring, like tile, for example, polished concrete floors are much more affordable.

Whereas polished concrete floors have much lower installation and per square footage rate which can make the overall cost of a project much more affordable, especially for larger commercial, industrial, restaurant, educational, or restaurants.

From an average standpoint, polished floors win every time!

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Are Polished Concrete Floors Decorative?

There are many different options when choosing a polished concrete floor. Many residential and commercial properties have all begun switching to polished concrete floors because of the unlimited design options offered at affordable prices.

  • Stained polished concrete floors add color to any room they are installed in. with reflective properties, these floors lighten up any room.
  • Plain grey polished concrete floors have also been highly desired for interior design in both residential and commercial properties.
  • Patterned polished concrete floors are just another way we can customize your floors to fit your style.
  • Polished concrete overlays are very aesthetically pleasing especially for floors that have many imperfections.
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Do Polished Concrete Floors Last?

One of the biggest contributing factors to polished concrete floors popularity is its long lifespan. Their superior durability and resistance to damage guarantee their lifespan to be no less than 20-years. Concrete polished floors do not damage easily. Our products cure properly with your concrete floors because of our licensed technicians and their ability to efficiently polish your floors.
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Are Polished Concrete Floors Resistant?

Polished concrete floors do not damage quickly or easily because of their tough and durable surface. The concrete surface is highly protected by the hardener we apply to your concrete once we have ground the surface. This process aids in the floor’s resistance to:

  • Scratches
  • Pressure
  • Slippage
  • Abrasions
  • Stains
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Are Polished Concrete Floors Easy to Manage?

Polished concrete floors require very little maintenance; however, everything needs a little bit of maintenance. Polished floors:

  • Clean easily
  • Do not absorb liquids
  • Do not require waxing or deep cleaning
  • Will not cost much to clean, mop, or sweep
  • Require less attention than any other flooring option
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The process for a polished concrete floor

What to expect

Properly installing a polished concrete floor is a delicate process that should always be performed by licensed professionals simply because it will be much more expensive to repair or replace when something goes wrong. Our technicians are licensed and experienced, not only do they know what to expect but they know how to handle the unexpected; however, the installation process for a concrete polished floor typically goes like:

  • Inspect the floors thoroughly prior to any other step
  • Remove, fix, or fill any blemishes, cracks, or chipped areas.
  • Grind the floors between 30 to 150 metal-bonded diamond. This will all depend on how fine you want your floors.
  • Once the grinding has been completed a chemical hardener will be applied to your concretes surface.
  • The polishing grit resin-bond diamond can vary drastically depending on the sheen desired for your floors.
  • The final product.
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Concrete Polishing
If you’re looking for polished concrete floors to last in your home or business for decades down the road, then you’ve come to the best place. We offer high-performing materials for low-end prices because we believe our products will not disappoint. Flooring is what we know and do best, for more information, give us a call today.
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Residential Concrete Polished Floors

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Homeowners across the country have all begun switching to polished concrete floors because they’re EASY, AFFORDABLE, DECORATIVE, and LONG-LASTING. Our residential clients love the bright and inviting atmosphere our polished concrete floors create in their homes. The benefits for a residential concrete polished floor include:

  • Cost savings because of how little maintenance and materials are required for installation.
  • Longer lifespan because these floors are not vulnerable to any types of damages.
  • Easy to clean because polished surfaces do not absorb debris.
  • Décor options because they can be installed with different colors, patterns, and designs.

Commercial Concrete Polished Floors

Business Floors

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When it comes to any business, we know that you want a return on your investment, so that is exactly what we provide. A polished concrete floor is nothing but the best bang for your buck because of its unmatched qualities, including:

  • Longevity, since these floors do not damage due to high use or heavy foot-traffic, your business will not be in constant repair or replacement.
  • Safety for customers and employees is easily achievable with polished concrete floors because they can be installed to be slip-resistant.
  • Improvement in lighting is a huge contributing factor because of the floors glass-like appearance they can reflect lighting in any area.
  • The benefits for a polished concrete floor are truly endless.