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Ready for a new flooring but are you tired of getting subpar flooring from the other guys? Our epoxy offers:
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The Types Of Epoxy Flooring

A Coatings For All Occasions!

No matter where our epoxy floorings are placed, whether it be in a home or in a factory, all of our clients have one thing in common. Everyone loves our epoxy floor coatings! Below are only a few of our most popular epoxy floor coating that has benefits that everyone can enjoy!

Garage Floor Epoxy

Tired of your garage being one of the darkest and most drab areas of your home? Don’t worry you aren’t alone! The only difference is thousands of people are making the switch to a garage floor epoxy with these benefits:

  • Brighten your garage up to 300%
  • Endless Customization
  • Resist Harsh Chemicals
Commercial Epoxy

Commercial Epoxy

We know how harsh the environment is in your commercial facility, we also know how hard you work to keep your facility open. Get a commercial epoxy flooring so your flooring can work just as hard as you with these benefits:

  • Slip and skid resistance
  • USDA approved
  • Easy to maintain

Basement Epoxy

We know that your basement is most likely going to be converted into additional living space, but not all floorings can last in the moist environment. Where other floors fail, a basement epoxy floor system thrives with these benefits:

  • Waterproofing agent
  • mold/mildew resistant
  • Make the basement less humid
Industrial Epoxy

Industrial Epoxy

Industrial facilities are typically the worst areas when it comes to flooring. They tend to go through flooring very quickly, but that’s only because they don’t know the benefits of industrial epoxy flooring. Heres what your facility stands to gain from epoxy flooring:

  • Decades of use
  • Rapid installation
  • Unmatched Durability.
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How Long Does It Take To Install?

Fast And Professional

We take the installation and preparation of our epoxy flooring systems very seriously. We will never rush our processes or skip steps in order for your flooring to be completed faster, unlike other epoxy companies in Missouri. For example, we are going to use an area the size of a 2 car garage with our garage floor epoxy. When dealing with a standard 2 car garage, you can expect to have us out of your hair in as little as 4 days!
There is still some waiting to be done though as you must wait at least 24 hours before walking on the epoxy and at least 72 hours before heavy traffic or vehicle traffic is rated for the flooring.
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Epoxy Flooring
Ready to take the leap into the world of epoxy flooring? Don’t worry, our team of dedicated epoxy flooring contractors and installers will be there to help every step of the way. Time to get to the drawing board? Give us a call today for a free, professional opinion/quote today!
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You Can Trust Us!

Decades Of Experience

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We are a family based operation so we tend to care about all of our clients! We only used the highest rated materials that are available on the market for all of our floorings so you can trust our results!
Even though we could save money by musing subpar materials and using random day laborers like other epoxy companies, we could never do that to our neighbors in Missouri!
This is because we don’t see you as a one time job, we want to be your flooring provider for life! When you use our services you can have access to:
A one-year warranty
No obligation free quote
Lifetime support from us!

Forged By You!

Straight From Your Imagination

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The best part about using an epoxy floor coating is that they are a product of your imagination! You can use the wide selection of base colors, options to use colored flakes or metallic pigments and even the ability to have your companies or your favorite companies logo installed directly into your epoxy floor. We even offer design options for the commercial and industrial setting with the ability to use stencils in the flooring. With these stencils, you can make barriers, text and even walkways that can make your facility safer and even more efficient.
What it comes down to is that when you choose an epoxy flooring system to floor your home or business, there are no limits to what you can create. You can have a sense of pride knowing that what you have on your floor is a direct result of what you thought up in your mind, flooring that isn’t exactly like someone else’s.