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No matter if you are a commercial facility owner or a homeowner, damaged concrete can make your skin crawl. When it comes to repairing your concrete, repairs can be an eyesore and can be visible for what seems like a mile away. Well, you have nothing to worry about anymore if you live in Missouri! We are finally offering our amazing concrete overlays to all of our neighbors. What is an overlay, well an overlay can be used to:

  • Repair Concrete
  • Custom Coating
  • Added Lifetime To Your Concrete!
Allow us to tell you a little more about our amazing overlays and what they can bring to your home or business!

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What Can A Concrete Overlay Do For You?

Benefits Of A Concrete Overlay

An overlay is more than just an attractive finish for your concrete, they bring so much more to wherever they are installed! Since there are so many benefits, we have outlined only the best benefits offered by our concrete overlay concrete coatings down below! Don’t worry, you will find the other benefits of concrete overlay after you have one installed!
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Concrete Repair

Tired of having to work around or even look at your damaged concrete? With one of our concrete overlay systems, you can have that damaged concrete disappear! Our systems fill all cracks, gouges and you can kiss all stains goodbye!
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Stronger Concrete

Your concrete can never be too strong and one of our amazing overlays can help your concrete handle more than it ever could! Our overlays can make cracks take longer to appear, offer increased weight tolerance and protection from dropped objects
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Added Chemical Resistance

No matter where you are having one of our systems installed, we will always install an award-winning sealer on top of your concrete overlay. Our sealants deflect all moisture, including chemicals leaving them isolated on the top of the flooring.
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Curb Appeal

As we all know, damaged concrete can make your home or building look less attractive than it really should. With an overlay, you can refresh the appearance of your home or business that can drive customers in and even make your home easier to sell.
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Climate Dematerialization

We all know that winters can get very harsh in Missouri and the harsh weather can take its fury out on your concrete. With an overlay, you can keep your concrete safe from salts, expansion/contraction and can even add some slip resistance for icy conditions.
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One of the best features of a concrete overlay is the sheer level of customization that can be done with this coating. We offer a wide level of base colors, A magnitude of finishes and high or low sheen sealers.
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Commercial Concrete Overlay

The Time Saving Option

In the world of commercial industry, time is money. If you let your damaged concrete get out of hand or even have it unprofessionally repaired, you can have irreversible/ unrepairable damage occur to your concrete slab. When you let this damage occur, it will be too late, you will need to have your concrete completely torn out and replaced and this will require your company to shut down for weeks or even months. This can kill businesses but when you use a concrete overlay in the early stages of repair you can make your concrete:

  • Last Much Longer
  • Uniform
  • Your Facility CAn Stay Open During This Process!
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Concrete Overlays
Are you tired of other companies in Missouri trying to take advantage of you with prices that are too high paired with an unprofessional approach? Then you have found the company that will treat you like a neighbor should! We offer all of our clients ultra-low prices and even offer our new clients free quotes so call today!
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What To Consider Before Concrete Overlay

Food For Thought

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A concrete overlay is an investment that is going to be on your concrete for a long time so we always urge our clients to plan out what you really want to do with the area it is placed in. While there are so many pros to our concrete coating systems, there are some things that you need to consider before you choose to use an overlay system. Please consider the following:

  • Is Your Concrete In Fair Condition, Not Structurally Damaged?
  • What Are You Exposing The Overlay Too?
  • What Look Are You Trying To Achieve?

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Professionalism That Shows

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Your home is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make in your lifetime and for some people, it is the biggest investment, so wouldn’t it make sense to keep it in the best condition possible? All of our concrete overlay systems offer the ability to make your concrete last longer which can keep the costly removal and replacement of your concrete out of view for a long time. One of our amazing concrete overlays can help in many ways including:

  • Increase The Value Of Your Home
  • Make Your Home Desireable
  • Help Your Home Pass Inspection