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Stunning Metallic Epoxy Floors

Kitchen Epoxy Flooring

The manipulation of pigments inside a metallic epoxy mixture is how the beautiful colors pop and shine through to create an unmistakable epoxy metallic floor. When the installation is done correctly, the appearance is 3D and truly seamless. These floors offer a beauty that can never be mimicked or redone, which is why it is important to remember that each metallic flooring installation will never be the same. Metallic epoxy floors offer residential and commercial owners an exotic or elegant appearance and they can be installed anywhere they are desired.

The two sides of a metallic epoxy floor are cosmetics and the technicalities of the floors, meaning, epoxy metallic floors look incredible. These floors are high-gloss, 3D, and offer a range of designs and colors that will make your floor stick in the minds of all who walk on it. The technical side of these floors is the fact that they are the strongest and most resistant to damage because they are truly 100% epoxy. They are not any more slippery than your standard floor and can always be made safer if needed.

Metallic Epoxy
Before the flooring can be installed the colors have to be chosen; however, when and if you choose to use more than one color always use your darkest color as the primer coat.
The colors to choose from include:
  • Earth tones—which are your browns, beiges, and copper
  • Exotics—bright colors like reds, oranges, greens, and so on
  • Contemporary—your dark and light greys
Metallic Epoxy Flooring
Just like other multi-coat flooring systems, metallic epoxy is no different other than the pigmentation that needs to be manipulated. When you’re adding metallic solvents, it is recommended that you have no less than two people doing the installation. Metallic coatings are typically applied with a trowel or a squeegee and with a 3/8” roller. Metallic epoxy coatings are much thicker and will only go so far, meaning, while you install one batch the other person needs to be mixing additional batches to keep the ball rolling.
  • There are time constraints to these steps
  • Two people are required to keep the production line moving
  • Metallic coatings are just like other coatings, but they are thicker and require pigment manipulation
Epoxy Metallic
15 to 20 minutes after installation you need to start manipulating the metallic coating! You can do this by directly blowing air onto the epoxy to move it around strategically and create all sorts of different designs like craters, waves, and water ripples! Some metallic products require you to add solvents to the base coat and do not need you to blow air on the surface.
  • Do this with both people working on the surface
  • Read instructions carefully to see how the manufacturer may suggest
  • These actions should be done strategically to create art
Remember, imperfections truly are what metallic epoxy floors are all about! This is not a flooring surface for the faint of heart and should be appreciated for the beauty they provide even with concrete imperfections becoming part of the work itself.