Must Haves for

Millennial Homebuyers

Technology has made house buying for millennials much easier and much more style and lifestyle-oriented than previous generations. This generation is tuned into the current housing market rates, housing trends, and lifestyle wants and needs, so they are looking for specific details in their homes and their homes. Millennials are a generation of informed consumers that value their lifestyle and location more than space and traditional homes. The top 5 must-haves for millennial homebuyers are:
Kitchen Appliances
Even if the kitchen is small, it must have new and trendy appliances. Millennials are the generation of health, wellness, and sustainability, so they want appliances that aid their lifestyles like juicers, blenders, and cooking appliances. Millennials are also the generation of a lot of student loan debt! So, they don’t have the extra resources to spend on brand new fridges, stovetops, and dishwashers! They want a kitchen that is ready to be used on move-in day
Master bedroom
Polished Concrete Bedroom
According to a 2016 study by the Northshore Fireplace, millennials preferred a large personal master bedroom over even an extra acre of land. This generation likes their personal space and will do anything to achieve it.
Renovated Home Space
Millennials are the slowest breeding population, ever. This generation is looking to be well established and because singles and partners all have to be working, they are looking for homes for the long-term that are made from earth-friendly and sustainable products. They want to raise families with small ecological footprints. These young couples and families are looking to spread sustainability, and many will want to purchase older homes that have been renovated to suit the needs of the planet
Clean Lines
Epoxy Flooring Residential
Millennials are a distinctive group in their decorative wants and needs! This group is known for wanting clean and simple walls and decorative pieces around their homes. Even if it means downgrading to a smaller space to keep the simplicity, it is worth it to this group, and their decorations have proven to be more important than their space.
Home Office
More and more millennials are working from home! This is a rising trend that doesn’t seem to have any slowdown date. This generation wants enough space to have their work environment but do not need a lot of space throughout their home.

Overall, it is important to remember that millennials are all about eco-friendly living and sustainable options for their lifestyle. The location of a home, the technology in the home, the maintenance has to below, and the practicality of the home cannot hinder their quality of life.