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    Services We Offer

    As one of the highest-rated concrete contractors in Nixa, we feel obligated to bring only the best coatings available to all of our neighbors from industrial settings to residential. Ready to see what we can do for you? You will find all of the services that we bring to our neighbors in Nixa down below!
    Garage Epoxy Floor

    Garage Floor Epoxy

    Ever wonder why so many homeowners and even commercial garage owners are making the switch to garage floor epoxy? Well down below, you can find out the major benefits of our garage floor coating.

    • High Reflectivity Can Make Your Garage Up To 150% Brighter
    • Offers Superior Resistance To Chemical Breakdowns
    • Offers Simplistic Maintenance Without Waxes Or Polishes
    Industrial Epoxy

    Industrial Epoxy

    When you work hard day after day to keep your industrial facility in the black, you will want a flooring system that works just as hard, that’s why you need industrial epoxy. Our industrial epoxies are the most durable coatings on the market with a weight tolerance of up to 10,000 PSI, making it perfect for heavy machinery, storage and everything in between.
    Metallic Epoxy Floor

    Metallic Epoxy

    Looking for a flooring system that is as durable as it is beautiful? Take a look at the benefits of our metallic epoxy.

    • Can Be Customized To Look Like Lava, Clouds Or Waves
    • Optional 100% Solid Base, Rendering It As Durable As Industrial Epoxy
    • No Two Metallic Epoxies Are The Same, Each Is One Of A Kind
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    Commercial Epoxy

    When it comes to our commercial epoxy floor coatings, there is no other flooring that can perform as well in the commercial setting. With commercial epoxy flooring in place, you are getting an extremely hygienic flooring system that has been approved by the USDA. Our commercial epoxies are seamless and nonporous, so you won’t have to worry about nasty bacteria or liquids staining your flooring system.
    Rustic Wood Flooring

    Rustic Wood Flooring

    Do you love the look of traditional wood flooring but don’t want to deal with the hassle of having it? Well, maybe it is time to think about trading wood for concrete! Our rustic wood concrete is better than traditional wood in every way from durability to a carefree maintenance regimen. Want to know more about our rustic wood concrete or our other services? Take a look at our home page!
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    The Installation Process Of Epoxy Flooring

    Fast And Efficient

    With a dedication to 100 percent customer satisfaction, we take the installation process of our epoxy flooring very seriously. Just so you know what’s going to happen during this process and what to expect, we are going to be going through the steps we take to install your epoxy floor coating down below:
    • First, we have to prepare the slab which is done with a diamond wheel grinder or shot blaster, depending on the size and condition of the slab.
    • Now we make any repairs to the slab including cracks, gouges or stains to promote a seamless and structurally sound finish. These repairs are crucial to the life of your slab and epoxy finish.
    • Next is the stage of coating the slab. Depending on the material you choose, the installation can take anywhere from 3-5 days to complete with a cure time of 24-72 hours.
    Industrial Epoxy
    Professional Epoxy Flooring
    Nixa Missouri
    Ready to update your flooring system? Want to know what it will take to get the ball rolling on your next renovation? Feel free to give us a call! Our team of professional epoxy contractors is standing by to give you a free obligation quote! If you want more information before you call, take a look at our home page
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    How To Maintain Epoxy Flooring

    Carefree Maintenance

    Industrial Epoxy
    One of the biggest benefits of using an epoxy flooring system is the carefree maintenance that these coatings offer. With a seamless and nonporous surface, you won’t have to worry about any stains ruining your finish. With a maintenance process that doesn’t require the use of waxing or polishes, epoxy is the perfect flooring for any business that has to endure heavy foot traffic or the average homeowner that doesn’t want to spend their weekend maintaining the flooring system. Want to see what epoxy will need to be maintained? You will find everything you need to know down below:
    • Daily maintenance will require the use of a soft bristle broom and a standard wet mop with a PH neutral cleaner to lift any stuck-on grime.
    • In areas like garages, your epoxy can be hosed down with a standard garden hose, just make sure to keep water temps under 115 degrees.
    • While epoxy can be deep cleaned, it should never be deep cleaned regularly, only when completely necessary.

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    When it comes to the other contractors in Nixa, they don’t really care about the product they give you. They just want to get in and get our to collect a check, but we think that that is no way to do business. We believe that a contractor is only as good as their work and we strive day in and day out to provide the best epoxy and concrete finishes in Nixa! If you want a finish that will last your home or business for its full lifespan, you’ve found the contractor you can trust! With dozens of positive reviews in the last few months alone, we have what it takes to get your coating installed correctly the first time around. Down below, you will find what separates us from the rest:
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