Pool Deck

Resurfacing Ideas

Pool Deck Resurfacing
There comes a time that a pool requires a renovation or resurfacing, just like any other part of your home. Your pool is a large investment, and it receives a significant amount of wear and tear, not only from regular use but also due to exposure to sun, chemicals, and extreme hot or cold temperatures. You may be looking at your pool interior resurfacing options, and here are some things to consider.
Pool Deck Resurfacing
A vinyl pool liner is a custom cut and installed piece of vinyl installed between the water and the pool floor. Underneath the liner is typically sand or cement where the vinyl is fitted into place. Vinyl liners are low in initial costs but can cost more in the long term due to tears and repairs and the need for replacement every five to seven years. Vinyl liners may be desirable though because of their non abrasive, smooth surface that is gentle on your hands and feet. Also a vinyl liner is non porous, so it is resistant to algae growth that can become a source of irritation for many pool owners.
Pool Deck Concrete Overlay
Gunite pools use a mixture of concrete and sand that is usually preferable to a poured concrete pool. Gunite pools are extremely durable and built to last saving time and money on future resurfacing projects. Gunite pools are impact resistant and do not require a liner making them a more desirable choice among home owners. Gunite can be considered rough to the touch and cause discomfort particularly for children as well as other swimmers.
Pool Decking
Very simply, replastering your pool’s surface means that a new layer of plaster is added to the bottom and sides of your pool surface. Over time a concrete or gunite pool that has a layer of plaster will begin to stain and dull due to general wear and tear. When the surface begins to look and feel rough as well as to stain, it is time to replaster in order to maintain your pool’s integrity.
Pool Tiles
Sometimes the idea of the maintenance and upkeep of a porous surface is too much to handle and you find yourself searching for another option. Tile is a highly sought after option because it helps to maintain a gentle and touchable surface of your pool. Tiling or retiling offers a strikingly beautiful surface that is durable and can last forever as long as it is maintained properly. Retiling is an expensive choice but can save time and energy in the long run when you don’t have to replace your pool surface again in the future.
New Pool Deck
Marbelite is a colored finishing plaster that is used for coating concrete or gunite pool surfaces. Marbelite is installed in one day and once water is added, it gives off a marbled surface that is aesthetically pleasing and adds value to the home and the pool.

Whether or not to resurface your pool may not be your choice (it is often a necessary evil), but you do have a wide variety of choices at your disposal once you choose to begin your resurfacing project.